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Oct 10, 2012 12:00pm CDT
by reforming government instead of raising taxes. >> our goal is to reform where we can and where we must. that is where matters. providing greater opportunities for our children. a mixed reactions to the mayor's speech. he felt as though there should have been more than 4 in. and 57 police officers457 police officers. >> i did not think that is enough. >> whatever we can afford that is what we're going to try to do. >> i think it is a very optimistic message. even though these are tough economic times. it appears that chicago is going to be able to do more with less. >> mayor stressed the need for pension reform. the aldermen will have about one month to think over herit.>>video gambling is now up and running at bars truck stops and other locations around illinois. wgn's amy rutledge joins us live from davern's tavern in southwest suburban justice. amy? >> already busy on here. they have already had a couple $400 winners. >> and it brings people here who normally would not come here. people who have been another bars play in other games. now that they can come here, the lava. >> it
Oct 12, 2012 12:00pm CDT
government rating. if that is not enough. there is a code you can pick up with your phone. for more information, check out jean's website at jean knows cars dot com. and stay with us tom skilling is next to tell us potentially strong storms this weekend. >> in for a wet stormy weekend. we could have the most rain since november. it is a pretty active weekend. beautiful fall colors. that is the result of the gale winds. a beautiful shot here. these are lake clouds. there has been enough moisture. we may bring sprinkles down to the surface. could be the wettest weekend in chicago since last november. about 1.15 inches of rain. we can hone in on that a little bit more for you. this is a wet run.these will fade away as the afternoon oges on.goes on. showers increase in number. this following. it is cool out there. we are tapping this rereservoir of cool air. >>that will be enough to produce good thunderstorms. 49 in chicago. out in the rockies there are winter weather advisories. there ist is. a little lake plume. that st orms clouds are pretty evident. some of the mountains had more th
Oct 8, 2012 12:00pm CDT
accused of having ties to china's communist government. the report did not find any proof of wrongdoing but says the companies failed to respond completely to lawmakers questions. called the report baseless. even in these tough economic times, the real estate market in some cities is still holding strong. and it seems london is certainly one of them. c-n-n's richard quest shows us one tiny apartment with one hefty price tag. next, details on a plan to expand chicago's riverwalk. and later in the medical watch >>there is no more. 10 ft 4 by 8 ft 4. >> this as the length of the flat. the apartment is a converted cloak room. i would point out the high ceiling and natural light coming through. i would point out the location. >> the original asking price of $145,000 has been well exceeded. the top offers are believed to be around 280,000. this tiny apartment is in the best part of london. next to the top people's. >> you're going to get a hell of a lot of interest. the demand for this unique property has been intense. more than 100 viewing. a dozen offers. ironically the winner is
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3